Walfad - Colloids (ENGLISH) CD

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Płyta CD w wersji angielskiej

  1. Intro

  2. In a Powder Keg

  3. Sisyphus` Sons

  4. Colloids

  5. Rust

  6. Jottings

  7. To Walk on the Water

Premiera 3.11.2018


Two years after "Momentum" - breakthrough album for the history of the band, Walfad returns with a new release. On the fourth album you will find both elements characteristic for the style of the group as well as completely new sounds and solutions. In recent years, the band has been bolder in their concert improvisations towards jazz-rock and blues-rock music. Among other things, these elements together with the progressive structure of songs and rock energy are the main assumptions of the latest Walfad album. "Colloids" is a story full of sudden twists and turns full of youthful anger. Poetic texts by Ciuraj point to passivity of the society and opportunistism. Despite the rebellious nature, there is no shortage of lyricism and subtlety so strongly present on the group's previous albums.

Wojciech Ciuraj – vocal, guitar, mandoline

Paweł Krawiec – guitar

Dariusz Tatoj – keyboards

Radosław Żelazny – bass guitar

Jakub Dąbrowski – drums